Below you will find a brief list of references which you may find beneficial in exploring and learning more about spirituality, ritual, and body modification. This is by no means an exhaustive list and is instead a list of references which are highly regarded yet are not mainstream. Click the title for more information.
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A Brief History Of The Evolution Of Body Adornment In Western Culture: Ancient Origins and Today – Blake Perlingieri
Modern Primitives – V. Vale, Andrea Juno
Religions, Values, and Peak-Experiences – Abraham Maslow
Ritual: Perspectives and Dimensions – Catherine Bell
Sacred Pain: Hurting the Body for the Sake of the Soul – Ariel Gluklich
Spiritual Skin: Magical Tattoos and Scarification – Lars Krutak
Spiritual Tattoo: A Cultural History of Tattooing, Piercing, Scarification, Branding, and Implants – John Rush
The Decorated Body – Robert Brain
The Philosophy of Body – Mike Proudfoot
The Ritual Process: Structure and Anti-Structure – Victor Turner
The Varieties of Religious Experience – William James
Articles by Lars Krutak
Jews With Tattoos - Ron Dicker
Southern Ute Indian Tribe, Sundance
National Geographic Taboo - Body Modification
Mentawai Tattoo Revival
Phuket Vegetarian Festival Ritual
Fakir Musafar: Sun Dance Ritual
Body Suspension In Kataragama, Sri Lanka

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