Tiffany LeClair, Board Member

April 2, 2008
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April 2, 2008


TO:  Church of Body Modification Members

FROM:  Chris Carter, President

SUBJECT:  Tiffany LeClair

I am pleased to announce that Tiffany LeClair has accepted a permanent seat on the Board of Directors.  Tiffany has been an active and integral part of the CoBM since early February.  Her contributions include coding the member and minister applications and review and editing of important documents.  Her thoughtful advice and original ideas are helping to shape the future of the Church.  There are few things Tiffany hasn’t had a hand in since the relaunch of the CoBM earlier this year.  She is a great asset to the Church and a wonderful person, too.

Tiffany can be reached at  You can also read more about her here: