Open Board Positions

April 11, 2008
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April 11, 2008




TO:  Church of Body Modification Members


FROM:  Chris Carter, President


SUBJECT:  Open Board Positions


The Church of Body Modification is actively seeking passionate individuals to fill its empty seats in the Board of Directors. Applicants must be involved in the body modification community and firmly believe in and support the mission and ideals of the CoBM. Qualities of applicants should include integrity, creativeness, flexibility, sincerity, and initiative.


Duties will include constant communication with other board members, making recommendations regarding the future management of the CoBM, appointing future ministers, developing and approving administrative policy, and to ensure and manage resources, as well as specific jobs that will be assigned to them. A Board member’s main objective is to promote the Church’s values, vision, mission, and objectives in a positive and constructive way.


We believe a position such as this should be inherent in a person. As such, there is no specific application to fill out. If you are interested in filling a board position, simply send an email to and tell us about yourself. Points to make may include experience in leadership positions as well as knowledge and activity within the body modification community. All questions regarding the position will be answered promptly and directly. An email to us is the first step in this process. The second step is a private online interview with current board members.

All applicants and their applications will remain private.