We’ve been busy.

July 2, 2008
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Tiffany, Russ, and I have been busy when it comes to running the CoBM. I’m sure no one knows but there is a hidden section on the forum for board members only. Just between the three of us there are 98 posts within 15 topics; we’ve been busy! Things we’ve done include depositing the CoBM’s funds into a new bank account, interviewing potential ministers, editing and adding to the Bylaws, as well as daily tasks such as counseling members and accepting new members. Things on the table which may come to fruition include participation in conferences, sponsoring a ritual pull, sending out membership packets, and of course filing for incorporation. There are a few other business matters that we’re working on and I’ll let you know about them once they’re completed.

When it comes to incorporation, it has taken longer than expected. There was some initial problem in opening a new bank account and having access to the Church’s funds. As of this week, this has been taken care of and we are once again on track to incorporate. According to those helping it should take about 25 days. We’ll keep you posted!