Last Advice from Shannon Larratt

March 16, 2013

In the coming days and weeks, many of us will reflect on Shannon’s life and how his life influenced our own. Most of us would say that our own life would be very different if it were not for Shannon and everything he did. Certainly I would not be writing this and you would not be reading it if Shannon wasn’t the person he was.

Many things can be said, and will be said, about Shannon. When you think about him and what he’s done for the community and the world as a whole, it’s easy to idolize him. For right now though, instead of telling of how Shannon influenced and helped the CoBM, I’m simply going to repost part of his last blog post. Read it, take it to heart, and carry it with you everywhere you go.

Last minute reflections and bits of advice… seize every opportunity that’s in front of you and live life to the fullest. Even with everything I’ve done, there is so much more I wish I’d squeezed in. Don’t let a single day (well, maybe a single day) be idle. Have every adventure you can, and explore every street — although treat the one-way streets with caution. Don’t fritter you life away into television, random browsing, and pointless substance abuse (I have at times been guilty of all of these) — although remember there are valid uses for them, both for growth and entertainment. Have passion about the future, and in the present. Especially if you’re young, push your education and your skills to their limits on every level. Don’t just graduate highschool, get a degree, get a doctorate if you can. I know these things aren’t for everyone, they they are for most, and they also open doors to some of the most special adventures. Even if you can’t afford proper schooling there are many, many ways to learn, free courses to volunteering, and so on. Value your health, and the health of our planet, and strive beyond its borders. We have such a glorious future, but never forget that your part in that future could end at any moment, so live a life that you can be pround of. And of course love and treat each other well.

5 Responses to Last Advice from Shannon Larratt
  1. He definitely Influenced our lives in more than one way… even to those that do not know about him but they are modified somehow… they will never know how much he did for him and the bodymod community ! RIP Shannon

  2. KristenAtkinson0 March 18, 2013 at 9:20 am Reply

    More often than not, we need that advice.

  3. Shannon’s passing will create a void and vacuum in our community and the public-at-large. He was a daily inspiration to me, and at some point I’ve even gotten my family members to follow his blog and share in his intellect and wisdom. He was a pure humanist, and as Chris said, none of this would have been possible without him.

    As tearful as the news was, there was a collective sigh of relief, I think. Anyway.

  4. I can only hope humbly that i could be half as loved and cherished, Shannon will always be missed much love and devotion too your cause,and CoBM

  5. As it’s been put time and time again. none of us would be able to enjoy lives the way we do if it wasn’t for this man. I remember he was the only one who spoke to me as a person when I had a rough critique over a procedure from allot of people. I owe my career to him.


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