Tiffany Hahn

CoBM Minister


Name: Tiffany Hahn

Tiffany’s Minister Application

Location: San Diego, California

Age: 30


Current Modifications:
1/2″ Lobes (left/right)
4g Lobes, Second Hole (left/right)
8g Lobes, Third Hole (left/right)
16g, 1/2″ long surface bar vertically in front of tragus (left/right)
18g Nostril Piercings (left/right)
14g Bridge of Nose Piercing
8g Septum Piercing
14g Navel Piercing
Crop Circle Tattoos – Back of Left Calf
Black-work knot – Back of Neck
Butterfly – left forearm

Temporary Modifications/Events:
Numerous Play Piercing Sessions
Back Pull (12-28-2007)
Back Pull (03-16-2008)
Chest Pull (07-13-2008)

Ritual Events:
Public Drumming Circles (2000-Present, 4-8 Times Per Year)
Public Spiritual Camping Retreats (2007-Present, Twice Yearly)
Private Rituals Facilitated Since 2000
Personal Rituals Conducted Frequently

Foundation For Shamanic Studies, Basic Shamanism Course Graduate (2001)
Moorpark College (Philosophy/Theology)
Palomar College (American Sign Language), studying affects of non-verbal language in ritual magic context.

Past Experience, Prior Affiliations: (Dates Approximate)
Ordo Templi Orientis; Events & Education; 2001-2003
Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF); Member; 2002-2003
Zen Buddhist Temple/Monastery; Multi-Day Residency, Retreats; 2002-2004
Golden Pentacle (Coven/Wiccan Studies); Santa Clarita, CA; Founder, High Priestess; 2003-2006

Current/Existing Experience and Affiliations:
Shamanism; Practitioner; 1987-Present
Chaos Magick; Practitioner; 2001-Present
Zen Buddism; Practitioner; 2002-Present
Ritual Body Modification, Practitioner and Facilitator; 2000-Present

Employment and Certifications:
Licensed Private Investigator (California, BSIS PI24291)

Web Site Design, Graphics Design, Portable Device Application Development, Meditation, Yoga, Raking Leaves (Don’t laugh! Raking leaves is soothing!)

Personal Statement:
I have seen the CoBM change over the years. I am proud to be part of a new era. We have numerous, clearly stated goals that we hope to achieve in the coming months. I hope to see the CoBM provide information, support, and direction to each member in their pursuit of personal and spiritual growth.