Ryan Emans

Ryan is a Registered Mental Health Nurse, living in Nottinghamshire UK with his wife and a variety of animal life.

He has had an interest in religion and spiritual development since being young, studying Buddhism before taking the path of Wicca. He has been a member of Covens and Pagan teaching groups, but has practised in a solitary fashion for many years now, moving away from more structured belief systems, incorporating Shamanism and Hindu philosophy into his practice, as well as ritual modification.

Whilst being fascinated by body art since a child, he was not brave enough to undertake any modification until his late teens. This however proved to be a transformative experience, with the discovery of how body modification can enhance self awareness and spiritual identity. Since this time he has had a passion for modification, continuing to learn and research, as well as further modify himself. In turn he has found fulfilment helping others learn how to approach modification in a safe and responsible manner, both online and in person.
More recently this passion has included body suspension, being a founding member of a new suspension group in his area.

Whilst his appearance may have provided a barrier to his career in some respects, he feels it is important to challenge prejudice in a constructive, compassionate manner, and takes great pride in having achieved professional success as a visibly modified individual.

Ryan is also a wood turner and beekeeper, and plays a bass guitar with too many strings. You will often find him gardening on his allotment, frequently whilst wearing tweed.

Ryan’s Minister Application