Jason Morningstar


I am sincerely grateful for the opportunity to introduce myself. I am Jason Morningstar. Currently, I am a piercer, body modification artist, jeweler, sculptor, and business owner. I own and manage “Primitive Impressions,” a body modification studio in Rochester, NY. I have skill and experience in both freehand and traditional piercing. I also perform scarifications and brandings. I feel I am best known for my sense of aesthetics – how to place one’s piercings or modifications and create an overall sense of unity between a person and their adornments.

I attended S.U.N.Y. Purchase as a student of fine arts. I was a Sculpture Major with a minor in Anthropology and Biology. I have carried these skills into my profession. I am proud to create approximately 60% of the jewelry used in my shop. Making the jewelry allows me to perfect the jewelry to best suite the individual’s entire being. It has been my pleasure to create thousands of pieces of jewelry for people over the years. I am always humbled when I hear how I have crafted something that originated in imagination, and I feel great joy that I was able to make-real their piece for them to enjoy forever.

My studies of metaphysics and Magick from childhood have given context for all kinds of religious and spiritual practices in more recent times. I realized, as one of my favorite philosophers did, all religions differ only slightly and that acknowledging the Divine in the Universe and in ourselves is key. That recognition is what is important, not its trappings. This understanding has freed me to find value in many beliefs. I walk my path as an Urban Shaman and guide to many. As a Minister, I hope to help my community and create understanding and acceptance for all things sacred amongst those with whom I share this planet.

Jason’s Minister Application