Minister Application

For examples of complete and concise applications, please read the applications of current ministers,Tiffany Hahn and David Hahn.

You may also want to read a general Code of Ethics for Spiritual Guides to understand what is expected of a CoBM minister.

It is recommended to first type your answers in a word document and then copy them over, in case an error occurs while submitting the form.

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What do you see as your major strengths or talents?

What do you feel are your major weaknesses?

What previous experience do you have that relates to being a minister in the CoBM?

In your own words, what do you know about the CoBM and being a minister in it?

Why do you want to be a minister in the CoBM?

What do you think you can contribute as a minister?

What have you contributed thus far as a member?

Where would you like to see the CoBM 5 years from now?

Aside from the CoBM, what are your personal goals for the next 5 years?

What would you do if you overheard someone speaking negatively about the CoBM?

The CoBM has evolved greatly since inception. As a minister, you will be expected to be knowledgeable about the various evolutionary steps the CoBM has taken. If someone questioned you about the current status and goals of the Church, how would you compare and contrast the Church’s current state against previous years and under previous management?

List all of your modifications, past and present. Then choose one of those mods and describe what spiritual significance it has for you.

What do you think the differences are between a person who modifies their body with piercings, tattoos, etc, and a person who never explores body modification?

Can a person with only a navel or ear piercing claim to be as spiritually modified as someone with brandings and a split tongue?

Describe what “spiritually modified” means to you.

Have you ever been convicted of a crime, other than minor traffic violations?