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5 often ignored tips for mouth jewelry.
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December 13, 2012
11:10 am
Forum Member
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July 6, 2012

I created this list myself. These 5 practices have helped me quite a bit and I feel others can benefit from these tips. I made it as an image so you can share it on Facebook and so forth very easily. And I am talking about using the thread on the pick to remove the grime stuck under the post and such. 5 tips

December 13, 2012
7:40 pm
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January 11, 2011

Helpful tips, however there are a few flaws with them First off as a piercer, I cannot tell someone to use Ibuprofin or anything of that nature due to the fact that it could be construed as practicing medicine without a licence. Also, why would you take a dental pick to the area around your piercing? As long as you are keeping clean in the shower, there should be no need to do any sort of extra "picking".
Brushing your teeth, gums, tongue, etc with a soft bristled toothbrush as well as the jewelry (if one has a tongue piercing) is a good idea.
Ice water, also a good idea
Throat spray? Not so much with the good idea. Personally don't think that putting that into an open wound would be the most ideal thing to do.

I think what is more important here is to a: Make sure you go to a reputable piercer/studio to get your piercings done (or if you are a self piercer, make sure you are working the in the cleanest environment you can)
b: Use properly fitted, high polish, internally threaded ASTMF 138 steel jewelry. Cheap, externally threaded jewelry of unknown steel is known for causing problems.
c: Stay healthy, stay hydrated. Your body knows how to heal a piercing, after all healing things is what it does best. So the healthier you are, the better off you are going to be.

December 14, 2012
4:02 am
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January 7, 2011

I'm getting a broken link. :(

Piercer guy's advice is good though.

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December 14, 2012
4:14 am
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January 7, 2011

It's working now! :p

It's nice you are sharing your experiences with others and trying to help. I don't mean this response to be unkind or harsh, but i believe if you give advice you should make sure it's the best you can, and qualify any limitations or risks.

It's not bad advice per se, but i think some of it needs qualifying.

Ibuprofen is great, but not safe for everyone.
Keeping your teeth and mouth clean is great, scrubbing a freshly pierced tongue could cause more swelling, irritation and even infection.
Throat sprays are different. I assume you mean one with lidocaine? If so they're not intended for use in a wound in this preparation. Should be safe in most cases, but can have side effects. As it's not intended for that use, who knows what other ingredients are in each preparation.
Cleaning with a dental pick seems a bad idea, as it could damage, irritate or push debris into the wound.Leave the wound and jewellery alone as much as possible.
Cold water is good. Hot water too. Saline, in moderation, is even better.

I have to say piercerguy's a, b, c's are more important though.

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Nietzsche
December 19, 2012
5:08 pm
Los Angeles, CA -818
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September 9, 2012

I made ice cubes out of pineapple juice to help with the swelling. As pineapple juice is great for inflammation and the cold of the cubes. Also helped bring more amusement than just plain old ice all the time lol.

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December 26, 2012
6:07 am
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December 20, 2012

Sorry, but there is a reason some of these are neglected.

1. Ibuprofen is good for swelling, but can be hard on kidneys and the stomach of some people. (Heartburn is a common side effect).
2. Keeping your mouth clean is important, but get it too clean and you will contract what's called thrush, or an over-grown of yeast in the mouth. Eating fewer sugary food/drink during the time you'll be cleaning so much is a good way of avoiding it. It's a white coating on the tongue usually.
3. Yes, yes, and yes.
4. No, no, and no. This breaks a cardinal rule of a new piercing, don't touch it, with a floss stick or anything else. You're irritating it and introducing bacteria. You can brush the piercing with a soft tooth brush, but I hit mine with boiling water before I use it on the piercing every time, especially if I used it on my teeth just before. Otherwise you are just spreading bacteria from your teeth to the piercing.
5. Sore throat spray is meant for topical use only, not to be used on open wounds. All brands are different, but some include ingredients like artificial sweeteners to mask the otherwise horrible flavor. These ingredients can irritate the piercing. Better to stick to ice and ibuprofen.

Finally, I need to add my own tips.

1. Salt water. Gargling with a light sea salt/warm distilled water mix is one of the best things you can do. 1 Table spoon of salt to one cup of water is good. It rinses out the piercing, will kill some germs, and is soothing to the wound and will help it feel better. Iodized table salt, while not as good as sea salt, will also help if you are like me and your a cheap bastard.

2. Diphenhydramine. If you think you are having an allergic reaction to a piercing, take some (usually under the brand name benadryl) and if it is an allergic reaction, this will help alleviate the symptoms. If it does help, you need to talk to your piercer and change jewelry. Also, as a bonus, if the piercing is keeping you awake, this can help you sleep.

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May 18, 2013
2:54 am
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February 16, 2013

I'm hesitant to have body modification cause it seems painful. But I can see a lot of people loves to have those. I appreciate this post you made. However, while tattoos can illustrate your unique sense of style and even be culturally significant, the sad truth is that most workplaces don’t put tattoos on the business casual acceptability list. A study by CareerBuilder found that 60 percent of employers (outside of creative arts fields) will not hire candidates who openly display tattoos or body piercings.

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