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Lucid Dreaming and Dream Interpretation
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June 23, 2012
12:00 pm
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July 12, 2011

This isn't related to body modification, but I believe it is related to spirituality and I know there's a few people on this board who will have some input on this.

So, it turns out that there's a few ways to tell whether or not you're dreaming.

Try to read fine print.  Numbers and letters are not stable in dreams.

Try to turn the lights on or off.  You cannot change the light level in a dream.

Try to remember your home address, social security number, telephone number, etc.  Apparently, it's difficult to remember facts involving numbers.

The first two techniques work well for me.

So, in order to recognize that you're in a dream, you need to start asking yourself whether you're dreaming while you're awake.  Just take a moment to flip the light switch or read the time on your cell phone, or the side of a can of soda or any other fine print.

If you make a habit of checking to see whether you're dreaming, you'll eventually ask yourself while you're actually dreaming.  You won't be able to read the letters or numbers, the light switch won't work, and you'll realize that you're dreaming

Once you realize you're dreaming, you're in control of the dream.  You can fly, you can use telekinesis to float objects around the room.  You can basically do anything you'd like to do.  The dream is yours to create.

And now, my questions.

Are there people out there who have either learned to control their dreams and learned something about themselves because of it?  Are there people out there who have studied the symbolism of dream interpretation, and what does that say about the dreams I'm learning to control?

Several years ago I was first starting to learn to become lucid and control dreams.  I had the idea that the next time I realized I was dreaming, I would seek out the guru.  In other words, I was seeking out the wisdom of the universe as represented by the archetype of the guru on the mountain.

I never found him, and for many years I neglected to ask myself whether I was dreaming or not, so I stopped dreaming lucidly.  I only recently started asking myself again, but haven't thought to look for the guru again.

I'm interested in what dream interpreters would have to say about what the guru and my inability to find him/her represents.

Sometimes I wonder if I can say anything in less than a hundred words.
June 24, 2012
10:59 am
Chris Carter
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February 3, 2008

In my experience, there is a difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection. To use an analogy, ludic dreaming is a playground while astral projection is a classroom. I approach the two in different ways and believe that the two are very distinct interactions. If you're talking about finding or learning something, like the guru you mentioned, I would focus on astral projection.

Church of Body Modification, President

June 24, 2012
1:03 pm
Forum Posts: 271
Member Since:
July 12, 2011

I'll have to do some research about it, then.

Sometimes I wonder if I can say anything in less than a hundred words.
June 24, 2012
5:54 pm
Tiffany Hahn
San Diego, CA
Forum Posts: 40
Member Since:
January 8, 2011

Wow, SasQuatch9585, that is some well stated information and some great questions. I have studied lucid dreaming, shamanic journeying, and astral projection (as was suggested above), and I believe all are valuable.

Lucid dreaming is good for learning more about yourself, your fears, and creating comfortable learning spaces inside your head. You have presented excellent suggestions on how to lucid dream, and it seems like you've had success with this in the past. I, too, have trouble reading in dreams, so I use that as an indicator. I also look at my phone in dreams and try to access the phone book, as I know it is full of numbers that I have not memorized while awake. If there are no numbers in the phone book, I know I'm dreaming. 

With shamanic journeying, this is similar to dreaming while you are awake, only the understanding is that you are "journeying" to the lower, middle, or upper realms of the spirit-like world. This altered state of consciousness is frequently obtained with the use of a low drumbeat and visualization. If you look up "shamanic drumbeat" you should be able to find a YouTube video or website that has a sound sample that you can use for this purpose. As you listen to the drumbeat, picture yourself going into a cave or cavern, and use all your senses to perceive that world. You can feel the cool air, smell the dampness. Wind your way down into the earth, down… down… down… (You can also use stairs down, or a ladder, anything that you can visualize easily to take you down into the earth.) All the while, paying attention to details of your surroundings. Eventually, you see a light up ahead. It is an exit to the cave. An exit into a beautiful, natural world. Here, you may find teachers. 

If you look up Astral Projection (in the Wikipedia, for example), you will see certain versions of it are very similar to a shamanic journey. The point is, the non-physical self and the physical self separate, and the non-physical self goes to another place. I think this is where you will find the teachers that you seek, as Chris suggested above.

As for your search for the guru, and the inability to find it, I think this is your brain's way of telling you that you need to keep searching OR stop searching. What if you had found the guru? Do you believe it would be a real guru? Or could it be a dream, and your brain is telling you what you want to hear? OR! Perhaps you don't need the guru, as you have the answers you seek within yourself already.  

This is just based on my personal experience. There are, of course, numerous other possibilities and opportunities out there.

Tiffany M. Hahn ☆ CoBM Minister
IAM: TMHahnBodyMod.orgFacebookTwitter
June 25, 2012
8:35 am
Forum Posts: 886
Member Since:
January 7, 2011

A very interesting thread!


I have toyed with lucid dreaming in the past but hadn't heard of those techniques (numbers etc) to stimulate it. I've had a few 'revelations', but actually find them best on a psychological level, to understand what my subconscious is up to.

I have partaken in shamanic journeys, as described by Tiffany, which are what i have generally used when actively seeking information of a spiritual nature. It works well for me, but sparingly.

I've also had a couple of out of body astral projection experiences, but these have been a little unexpected, so were limited in what i used them for. I've not put too much effort in practicing this tbh, so am unsure how it might be used in my case!


My belief is all three are possible ways to access parts of yourself to develop or gain wisdom, and i'm not really sure if any one is 'better' than the other, a little like different tools. To me the internal and external are essentially the same in respect to this.

That means that to seek enlightenment this way we are accessing what we already hold, but perhaps we just don't know we know it. You are your own guru!

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Nietzsche
June 25, 2012
11:40 am
Forum Posts: 271
Member Since:
July 12, 2011

Oakbear said 

You are your own guru!


That's about what I was thinking.  My own view is that all beings are expressions of the energy of the universe, just as all waves are expressions of the energy of the ocean and all storms are expressions of the energy of the atmosphere.  Sounds Buddhist or Taoist, but it's also in-line with what I've been hearing about quantum physics.

So I figured that if I ever found the guru in a dream it would have to be some expression of myself.  I suppose if I find the guru in an astral projection it would be another expression of the universe, of which I am an equal part.  So it's not unfair to say that it would be an expression of me, because from this perspective, I am as much a part of the universe as it is part of me.

If we are all one, then every atom in the cosmos is part of me, and I am a part of it.  I guess we just need to open ourselves to the wisdom of the greater mind, and I suppose any of the things mentioned in this thread could be a way of doing that.

Sometimes I wonder if I can say anything in less than a hundred words.
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