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When Suspension Becomes Too Much....
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October 21, 2013
5:25 pm
New Forum Member
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October 21, 2013

Hello Everyone!

I'm working on a documentary reality series that is exploring the art of suspension and the individuals who can't seem to get enough of it. I'm trying to get some more information on those few individuals that perform suspension excessively or so often that the risks begin to outweigh any pleasurable benefits; When suspension is no longer about performing but becomes more of a necessity. If you would be willing to share your experiences or know someone who seems to fit the description above feel free to respond to this thread or inbox me in this forum.


October 24, 2013
5:07 pm
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January 7, 2011

I wonder if you want to make a documentary about something which doesn't exist?

Suspension isn't about performing for everyone. Why would risk be significantly increased with repetition?

There is unlikely to be an objective measure of excessive here. I've have yet to hear of someone who feels the amount the suspend is excessive or becoming problematic for them.

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Nietzsche
October 28, 2013
5:48 am
Phoenix, AZ
Senior Forum Member
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January 7, 2011

It sounds like you're fishing for someone who is addicted to suspension, or who is acting out of compulsion. The wording you use, "risks outweigh the benefits", a very common type of phrase to describe compulsive or addictive behavior, basically saying that it's now become an unhealthy pastime. So in this case you're trying to determine whether people are addicted to a form of spiritual expression, and whether that form of spirituality has become unhealthy and/or compulsive in nature. Have you jumped onto any Christian message boards and asked people if they've developed an unhealthy relationship with prayer, or any Catholics if they believe their compulsion to attend mass is having a deleterious effect on their life or well-being? Or maybe contacted some Buddhists to find out when meditation has just gone too far? It seems kind of silly to put a form of spiritual expression into a risk/benefit category. But I would say, as a therapist, that all people of strong faith are technically addicted to their various forms of worship. Hehe

When I'm good, I'm good. When I'm bad, I'm even better. :D
October 30, 2013
2:23 pm
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January 7, 2011

"Join us after the break for crazy Buddhists who don't know when too to say no to excess mindfulness in….. – When Meditation Goes Bad!!!!!!!" Surprised

Very eloquently put Tiffany. Your post pretty much sums up my thinking about this proposed production.

I get, on average, around one request a month from a TV production company asking for me to be interviewed about some aspect of modification. When i offer to discuss the CoBM or help advise them but decline to be interviewed on screen, as i am wary of losing editorial control and how i may be represented (i have a professional career to consider), every one has failed to reply.
I have friends who have taken offers before, and none were happy with how they were portrayed, even being shown giving an answer from another question to one they pasted in during edit in one case.

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Nietzsche
November 19, 2013
12:43 pm
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July 12, 2011

I know of only one person who claims to suspend himself every day. He has vertical piercings near his nipples which are stretched enough to accomodate the hooks he uses. These piercings are well-healed and his hooks are not sharp because he doesn't need them to be sharp.

I've heard of others who have large rings permanently implanted under the skin in their backs. Once healed, the person is capable of suspending themselves with no help from others because there is no longer any risk of infection, so there is no need to be in a sterile environment or use sterile equipment.

In both cases this allows one to suspend in the privacy of one's own home, or out in the depths of nature, or really anywhere one would like to do it.

These are the people who suspend the most. These are the people for whom suspension has become a large part of life. I don't think you'll find any significant risks these cases, as they are not receiving fresh modifications every time they suspend. I think the idea for this documentary series is born of ignorance.

I suggest you focus your research on the art of suspension and those who pursue it. I think you'll find that the people you are hoping to highlight simply do not exist. I don't think there is anyone who suspends "so often that the risks begin to outweigh any pleasurable benefits". If there is anyone out there for whom suspension is a great risk, that person is not following proper procedures, and these risks have nothing to do with the frequency of their suspensions.

I think you'll find that most people in this community are very well educated about the risks they take, and are very serious about risk management.

However, if you would like to contact the man I first mentioned, his name is Fakir Musafar and you can find his website here: http://www.bodyplay.com/

If he is willing to talk to you, he will be a fountain of knowledge on the subject. I'm sure, once educated, you will find that there is little to no risk in daily suspensions, while the benefits to one's spirituality, inner peace, and self-confidence are enormous.

Suspension.org is another potential resource for your research. I'm sure a dedicated researcher will find many other resources.

Now, any behavior can become a compulsion or addiction. According to Dr. Drew Pinsky, a well known addiction medicine specialist, addiction is defined by consequences. If a behavior is creating problems in your life and you can't stop or change it, you're addicted. For example, if a person only smokes crack once a month, that doesn't sound like addiction. But if they buy crack instead of paying bills, that person is addicted. In other words, addiction is when you can't control or stop your behavior; when you do something even though you know you shouldn't.

By that definition, one would have to choose suspension over work or family and friends, putting their livelihood at risk and/or allowing their relationships with those they care about to suffer, rather than forego suspension. They would have to buy suspension equipment instead of paying bills or providing other needed items for themselves or their family. There would have to be some kind of negative consequence which they accept or ignore so they can continue suspending.

By the way…here's my definition of a risky suspension:

Sometimes I wonder if I can say anything in less than a hundred words.
December 1, 2013
8:10 pm
Senior Forum Member
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October 27, 2013

Ive never tried suspebsion vefore. For those who have…with respect,Ive got a few questions,if I may:what makes you do it? What do you derive from it? How is the pain level,compared to a body piercing? Are there lasting effects/complications? Im sorry if I sound foolish but Id really like to learn more about this.

One last question:do you have to be in a certain physical shape to do suspension? I weigh 190 atm. Is that too much?

December 2, 2013
6:17 am
Forum Posts: 886
Member Since:
January 7, 2011

What someone gets from suspension is pretty individual, and is different from each suspension.

Sometimes is can be enlightening, a tranquil place, others a adrenaline charged funfair ride. Overcoming the challenge and facing your fear is often important too, especially for first timers.

For me i tend to get what i need, something to reflect about where i am in my life, and what i need to do. Of course i enjoy it too!

The piercing is a heavy gauge, which hurts more than most small gauge piercings, although it depends on location. Like a piercing it is over quickly. Initially there is a pulling tight sensation when you begin to lift, which is uncomfortable and can cause people to tense up, which is also uncomfortable. It really isn't that bad, but leaving the ground can feel very alien. Worth bearing in mind that pain doesn't exist, and is all in the mind of course!

Complications are very rare for a well educated, experienced and prepared team. You get little round or crescent scar where the hooks enter and exit, which fade in time like any small scar.
There are risks of course, but these can be minimised through good practice.

As for weight, I believe it is harder with higher weight. I have suspended at over 21st and down to 14st and for me there was a difference. Having said that i had a blast at 21st, held up a 14st guy when i was 14st, and i've known people over 30st suspend, so weight is no reason not suspend imho.

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Nietzsche
December 13, 2013
12:01 am
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April 8, 2011

Speaking entirely from the point of view of a non-professional and relating to my own personal experiences, my initial reasons for suspending had a lot to do with curiosity. When I first heard about it, I was dubious about it and didn't understand. However, at that time I was on BMEzine regularly and reviewing what turned out to be thousands experiences for them. At first the idea of suspension kind of turned me away but the more I read and the more I viewed, the more intrigued by it I became until I had to try it myself. Once I tried it, there was no turning back.

Why I continue has to do part with sheer simple pleasure and something more spiritual. The pleasure is in the spinning and swinging and there's such a freedom to it. There are few times when I truly let myself go and simply experience but suspension is one of them. On a more spiritual level, there is something deeply fulfilling about pulling oneself up off the ground; a deep sense of accomplishment especially for those tougher suspensions.

As for lasting effects, the only lasting effect I've had are the hook scars. For me, the scars dotting my chest, back and knees are a positive, though I suppose some might consider such to be negative.

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