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I moved forward on facial piercings
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September 2, 2014
2:14 am
Senior Forum Member
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August 28, 2014

I have finalized some of my face decisions.  There are so many nice piercings out there that I want them all, but I must limit myself.  2 Days ago I went ahead with a simple, right eyebrow piercing 14g, vertical. I liked it quite a bit and the simple experience was quick but meaningful since my wife was there with me and she loved it.  I got this done at a tattoo shop that employs a piercer named Meg.  Meg is a wonderful young woman that has an expert touch with her piercing and she is slightly modified.  I also had her pierce my oldest daughter's septum, snakebites and tongue.  Very clean and trustworthy business. 


Today I went to a piercing shop in Savannah, Ga. and talked to a piercer named Mason that I had spoken to previously.  Mason is incredibly gifted and also heavily modified.  It was just great talking with Mason today and last weak when I first met him.  I brought both of my Daughters and Wife with me this time.  My oldest Daughter looked at all of the incredibly beautiful plugs, since she has been stretching her ears for several months now, while my 4 year old and my Wife discussed which piercings I should start with today. The entire shop staff was super friendly and good to talk to.


So, today I went with 6 options.  I pierced my right ear and then my left ear was pierced twice (I love asymmetry) and then I had the left side of my lower lip pierced with 3 Labret piercings.  In the future, I intend to run a spiral trough all 3 piercings in my lip. I am also going to stretch all 3 of my ear piercings , but they will all be stretched to different sizes such as left ear: 1/2" and also a 2g and right ear: a 00g.  Those are my current plans but I also plan on adding an Industrial on my right ear and a tragus or conch and then a daith on left ear, a tongue piercing that I will then turn into a Bisected tongue.  I may also throw in a smiley and a septum but I have not decided on these yet and I am leaning heavily towards allowing my Wife to make the decision. 

That should be it for my face. Then I will turn to modding my body more (besides Tattoos! which I will continue to collect no matter what piercings or mods I decide on).


I know these piercings are fairly mainstream, but they hold a large amount of significance for me as my first visible mods and therefore have spiritual significance as my first steps down the path of changes that are visible to the public.  I also was able to include my family in my decisions and the experience itself, so that is just wonderful all by itself.  My wife loves my piercings and is also planning her next step in piercings with me.


Anyway, these small steps into visible mods (albeit small ones) has been family event and very rewarding.  We have grown a tiny bit closer due to working on these steps together. 

September 5, 2014
3:36 am
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January 7, 2011

Thanks for sharing :)

"The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself." - Nietzsche
September 25, 2014
3:36 pm
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August 28, 2014

All of my last piercings have been healing nicely.  I have had a few troubles along the way.  I went with very small beads for the ends of my labret and ear piercings and because I'm a rough sleeper and tend to smash my face very violently into the pillows and mattress, I have woken to my ear piercings being shoved back halfway embedded into my ears ad had to pop them back out.  After about 4 times of this, I put tiny black o-ring just behind the beads and it hasn't happened again.  In hindsight, I should have just gone with large beads until fully healed and not risked beads that are barely larger in diameter than the bars.


My lip labret (3 on left side lower lip) have been a small issue also.  The first day was awesome.  No bleeding, no swelling etc.  I then went to bed and didn't elevate my head and also smashed my lip into the bed on accident and snagged them multiple times.  I woke up with a swollen lip which is no big deal and to be expected for a few days. But the swelling was bad enough that it compressed the piercings even though they were pierced a little longer to allow for normal swelling.  

As the day went on and into the evening, it started to get scary swollen and looking like s mall baked potato on my face lol.  by 2 a.m. I felt the piercings pop into the flesh completely and embed to where I could not even see them. this made me queasy and a little panicky since I didn't want to take them out.  I toughed it out and kept popping them back out with my tongue on the back and then after awhile the would embed again.  So, I continuously traumatized them with this popping in and out of my flesh procedure.  I did start to get a little enjoyment out of the sickening "pop" feeling and noise the made as I did it.. lol.


The next day I was waiting outside the piercing shop at noon when they opened.  I had been popping them in and out of my flesh for the entire hour drive as the swelling got even worse due to the compression of the piercings.  The piercer showed up and immediately took me back and swapped out for extended bars.  The swelling started to shrink visibly right away.  We were both amazed that even with my tissue all deformed by swelling, that all 3 piercings were perfectly aligned.


I then had to wear little spikes sticking far out of my lip as the swelling went away but was still a little too tight for the normal bars. I finally have them switched to normal bars now, but since I had such a hard time with the initial proceedings, the healing is still slow.  It didn't help with the healing that right after I got 5 piercings, I went out and had almost 4 hours of tattoo work done on my back/spine. So, I over-taxed my healing and immune system for awhile especially since i'm still in cancer treatment I guess.  No infections though, so I'm all good in that area.


Take care all.


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