Organic vs Inorganic Jewelry – Class

March 10, 2011
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Sunday, March 20th, 8pm EST
Class moderated by David Hahn & Tiffany Hahn, CoBM Ministers.

This month’s class will be a pragmatic open discussion as opposed to a more nebulous, spiritual one. We will be talking about the virtues and values of organic (bone, wood, etc.) versus inorganic (metals, glass, etc.) jewelry. What do we wear? Why do we wear it? What does it say about us? What have our experiences been? To bling or not to bling…that is the question.

This class, open to members and non-members, will be located in the CoBM chatroom:

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  1. Natural gems have formed without any help from man they may then be treated or untreated many natural stones are treated in some way to bring out beauty that nature didn’t almost all citrine on the market today was mined as amethyst and later heated to change it’s color from purple to yellow¬† blue Topaz is very rare in nature¬† but colorless topaz can be irradiated and heated to give it the lovely blue color we’re accustomed to seeing in jewelry.

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