Board of Advisors

The main objective of the Board of Advisors will be to provide an unbiased perspective, act as a sounding board for evaluating new ideas and opportunities, and to provide their experience and expertise as needed.

The members of the Board of Advisors were chosen for many reasons which includes their expertise and positive reputation in the modification industry as well as the general community. Their professionalism, integrity, and high ethical standards are also well known.

Cere Coichetti
Cere Coichetti is a suspension artist currently centered in NYC. After retiring from piercing after many years, he moved into the world of suspension and has been an influential and respected voice in the community for a decade. Cere currently facilitates suspensions with various groups across the globe and devotes time to teaching and increasing safety awareness amongst other practitioners.

Russ Foxx
Russ is a professional body artist specializing in piercing, advanced modification, scarification and ritual experience. He has been practicing body art since 2001. Russ is the founder of Modern Body Suspension, a Vancouver-based suspension team, and frequently hosts indoor and outdoor “SusCons” all over Canada.

Rick Frueh
Rick is a professional body piercer and is the owner of Industrial Primitives and Black Cat Tattoo in Austin, TX. He is also a consultant for Health Educators, Inc. as well as being the Medical Liaison for the Association of Professional Piercers.

Jared Karnes
Jared Karnes is the owner of Onetribe, a Virginia based company dedicated to hand-craft and pushing the boundaries of natural materials in body jewelry. Jared views his role in the body modification industry as that of educator and historian, placing considerable importance on the historical role of artisanship in society and the value of hand made objects in body modification from antiquity to today. Jared is also a founding director of 501c3 non-profit Renew Richmond, an organization dedicated to preserving food rights and promoting sustainable agriculture.